Confused? Gozo property types explained.

Throughout the fifteen years we have been in the Gozo property business, I have always wondered why we have so many property types to navigate through. It can be quite confusing to our overseas clients. Keep reading to find out what each property type consists of. You may also come across your dream Gozo property.

Terraced House

Terraced House for sale in Xaghra, Gozo

Your typical residential property. Normally not more than thirty to forty years old and probably comes with a contemporary or classic finish and furnishings. You will usually find Terraced Houses as resale properties. They will have at least three bedrooms, a garage and a small back yard or even a garden. Found in a row of similar properties. This terraced house for sale in Xaghra is a perfect example.


Fully detached luxury villa for sale in Zebbug, Gozo

For many overseas clients, a villa can be quite a generic term. In our case, being a detached property is a basic requirement for a villa. Or, at the very least semi-detached. A villa is usually luxuriously finished and comes with views. You will find classic, modern and sometimes even with rustic style interior decoration. This villa for sale, currently under construction in Zebbug, Gozo is a prime example of a villa. It is fully detached, with plenty of surrounding land and views to die for.

House of Character

Ta’ Dbiegi, a House of Character available for holiday lets

Probably found nowhere else on earth, except in Malta and Gozo, a House of Character is a newly-built property the contains certain traditional features. These include, ceilings with wooden beams, patterned floor tiles and limestone walls. Some builders include recycled stones salvaged from old houses to add more charm. Houses of Character are quite popular as they have that old charm with the modern comforts of a new build. Many of our holiday rental homes are Houses of Character such as Ta’ Dbiegi, a beautiful four bedroom accommodation with infinity pool and views.

Town House

Victoria’s Republic Street, lined with Town Houses and their distinctive timber balconies.

Typically built early to mid 20th century these houses also come with certain traditional features. Typically the facade will contain the iconic old timber balcony, a feature that is usually listed as protected. From time to time, the Malta Planning Authority issues funding schemes for the restoration of these balconies. Upon entering a typical Town House, you will usually find a rectangular entrance hall, sometimes with a decorative ceiling. Off the entrance hall there will be two lateral rooms, one of which will be used as a living room. Just off the hall you will probably find a winding stone staircase with iron railings. Other features in a Town House are original patterned floor tiles and high ceilings with wooden beams. Many of these properties are delightfully restored into beautiful homes.


Check out the stone feeding troughs at Il-Hemda Farmhouse, available for holiday lets.

Formerly used as or part of a working farm, farmhouses can be stunning properties. Many older properties advertised for holiday lets are called farmhouses too. But, the authentic farmhouse usually has a mill room, a large room that housed livestock. Mill rooms will contain arches as well stone feeding troughs. Some farmhouses come with large flagstone floors, called ‘Ä‹iangatura’ in Maltese. Some rooms on the upper floor contain a kileb ceiling, a beautiful (and protected) architectural feature. A farmhouse usually comes with a garden or outdoor area of some sort. You can spend your holiday in Gozo in one of our beautiful farmhouses such as Il-Hemda Farmhouse in San Lawrenz.

Apartment & Maisonette

Maisonette for sale in Xaghra, Gozo. Stunning views.

Apartments need no introduction, we have plenty of these on our islands! A maisonette is typically a ground floor apartment with its own independent entrance, not accessed from the block’s communal areas but directly from the street. Many times it will come with a back yard, sometimes large enough for a small pool. We currently have this ground floor maisonette for sale overlooking the stunning Marsalforn Valley. If you wish to ‘try before you buy’, you can rent this fully-airconditioned, new apartment for a year, just a few meters away from the beach in Xlendi.


The Penthouse, a one-of-a-kind…penthouse, which you can stay in for your holiday in Gozo

Set on the top floor of an apartment block, penthouses come in a variety of sizes but invariably they will have large outdoor areas. These can be front and back terraces or even a wrap-around terrace. A penthouse usually commands stunning views and the very best ones come with their own private pool such as this stunning, one-of-a-kind holiday rental. Of all the Gozo property on our books, for sale or to let, this is one of our very favourite.


A Duplex in Xaghra with its typical internal staircase, available for a long let

Again, typically set on top of an apartment block, a Duplex will occupy two floors and will contain an internal staircase, independent of the block’s communal staircase. Duplexes can be extremely spacious and will also command views. There is usually a good amount of external space. We currently have this three bedroom Duplex in Xaghra just a short walk away from the popular village square, available for a long let.


Not a property you will typically find in Gozo. Space is at a premium on our island and a bungalow, which is usually just one floor will have at least one more floor built on top, turned into a house or converted into a block of flats. You will be quite lucky to come across one of these.